Project members

IP-MATCH is a collaborative research project involving two internationally-leading research groups — the FATA research section in the School of Computing Science at the University of Glasgow and the ERGO research group in the School of Mathematics at the University of Edinburgh.

Image of Professor David Manlove

Professor David Manlove

Principal Investigator

Professor of Algorithms and Complexity

Expertise: Matching algorithms, complexity theory

Image of Dr William Pettersson

Dr William Pettersson

Research Associate

Expertise: Complexity theory, graph algorithms

Image of Dr Sergio García Quiles

Dr Sergio García Quiles

Principal Investigator

Lecturer in Operational Research

Expertise: Discrete location, vehicle routing, logistics, combinatorial optimization, integer programming

Image of Professor Jacek Gondzio

Professor Jacek Gondzio



Expertise: Large scale optimisation, sparse matrix methods and parallel computing in optimisation

Image of Dr Joerg Kalcsics

Dr Joerg Kalcsics



Expertise: Exact and heuristic models in logistics

Image of Dr Maxence Delorme

Dr Maxence Delorme

Research Associate

Expertise: Combinatorial optimization, cutting and packing problems, exact algorithms, integer programming