Current Glasgow Algorithms and Complexity people, together with their research interests, are:

Academic Staff

Jessica Enright: Lecturer

  • Graph algorithms, especially graph modification and optimisation
  • Geometric and set representations of graphs
  • Algorithmics for data-derived graphs
  • Applications in agriculture, ecology, and epidemiology
  • Pursuit games and firefighting on graphs

David Manlove: Professor of Algorithms and Complexity

  • Matching problems, including stable matching and kidney exchange
  • Algorithmic graph theory, including colouring, independence and domination in graphs
  • Complexity and approximability of optimisation problems
  • Integer programming models

Kitty Meeks: Royal Society of Edinburgh Research Fellow

  • Parameterised complexity
  • Graph algorithms
  • Network applications (including in epidemiology, statistics, social sciences, precision medicine)

Patrick Prosser: Senior Lecturer

  • Constraint programming
  • Graphs and graph algorithms
  • Stable matching
  • Combinatorial search, parallel combinatorial search, symmetry breaking
  • The empirical study of algorithms and problems
  • Applications such as scheduling, routing, workforce management, matching, phylogenetics

Research Staff

Rob Irving: Honorary Research Fellow

  • Design and analysis of algorithms
  • Complexity theory
  • Combinatorial algorithms and combinatorial optimization
  • Matching problems, theory and practice
  • Approximation algorithms for hard optimisation problems
  • Stringology (algorithms, data structures, and complexity issues for problems on strings)

Ciaran McCreesh: Research Associate

  • Solving (NP) hard problems in practice, particularly combinatorial optimisation and graph theory problems
  • Understanding computational complexity starting from science and experiments, rather than axioms: what makes hard problems really hard in practice, and how does this help us design better algorithms?
  • Empirical algorithmics and algorithm engineering
  • Constraint programming and old-school, uncool artificial intelligence
  • Parallel search for branch and bound algorithms, and parallelism for intelligent backtracking search

William Pettersson: Research Associate

  • Parameterised complexity
  • Graph algorithms
  • Parallel algorithms
  • Multi-objective optimisation
  • Combinatorial topology

Research Students

Benjamin Bumpus: Research Student

  • Graph Theory: in particular structural graph theory
  • Parameterized algorithms
  • Construction algorithms for graph decompositions

Frances Cooper: Research Student

  • Algorithms and complexity
  • Matching problems with preferences
  • Graph theory and algorithms
  • Approximation algorithms
  • Solving NP-hard problems in practice and integer programming

Michael McKay: Research Student

  • Matching problems with preferences
  • Coalition formation games

Sofiat Olaosebikan: Research Student

  • Matching problems
  • Graph theory
  • Graph algorithms
  • Complexity
  • Hard optimisation problems
  • Integer programming

Craig Reilly: Research Student

Jessica Ryan: Research Student

James Trimble: Research Student

  • Combinatorial search
  • Kidney exchange
  • Lung exchange
  • Algorithms and complexity

Former Members

Former Glasgow Algorithms and Complexity people, together with their research interests, are:


Felix Fischer: Lecturer (2016-17)

Baharak Rastegari: Research Associate (2013-16)

Gregg O’Malley: Research Associate (2010-13)

Péter Biró: Research Assistant (2007-10)

Evgeny Selensky: Research Assistant (2000-03)

Kostas Stergiou: Associate Lecturer (2000-01)


Augustine Kwanashie: Research Student (2011-15)

Iain McBride: Research Student (2011-15)

Eric McDermid: Research Student (2007-10)

Colin Sng: Research Student (2004-08)

Chris Unsworth: Research Student (2004-08)

Sandy Scott: Research Student (2000-04)

David Abraham: Research Student (2002-03)

Lorna Love: Research Student (1997-01)

David Christie: Research Student (1994-98)

Ivan Gerace: Visiting Research Student (1997-98)

Campbell Fraser: Research Student (1991-95)